A Brilliant Stupor


I have always wanted to try on
a fearless soul just to see if it
turns my skin to unearthly gold,
if it billows like a superhero's
cape behind me or sprays like a plume
of light all around,


to see if I belong in the
society of angels,


but I am drunk on April
and I want nothing but love
and this glittering madness that
jets like a fountain from every pore
and all these seedlings to preen
like pets.


The flies are just learning the rules
of success.
A dark cloud is swimming in the
stagnate moon.
The drums of change are pulsing
in the distance.


Soon I'll need that soul of brass,
but for now,
step aside,
see how easy happiness is
when it's done right.


Let me flow like music
down this quiet hill
where everything
is just beginning.


by Patricia Joan Jones

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saiom's picture

JJ is for Jai! Jai!

over 20,000 year old Sanskrit
for Victory! Victory!



Ernest Bevans's picture

Aaaaaaah, finally a ray of light
breaks upon the world of unhappy words.
This is a truly uplifting piece of poetry
that is not weighted with over-sentimentality
or crushing despair. It is light airy, springlike
green, full of the sun, remarkable.
Well it looks like there is hope for poetry after all.
Great work. Keep Writing - Keep the faith.