You and Forever


There is no time
but perceptions frozen like
Keats' Grecian urn,
free-flowing life that some
tyrant divided into minutes
and days
though the Almighty Now is
all that crushes, saves and judges.


I want no tomorrow
just the blaze at the ends
of your fingertips,


just the love that makes me
Time's slave and Time's god,
just me in your eyes
as I count time by heartbeats
and wonder why I never thought
I could desire only the moment
I live in,


Why I thought I couldn't climb
above these mortals,
thought I couldn't bite into an
Eden that lives only on paper
or summon spring from brittle air,
turn ice into the glow
of a Botticelli angel
or gather the golden mists of
daybreak and carry them into night.


I didn't think I could believe in
anything beyond this.


But here it is.
This is what is meant by

When you are beside me
and no longer a separate creation,
when every cell is you and I
and every moment is forever.


by Patricia Joan Jones

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"I want to be
so much of your world
that I cannot tell
where you end
and I begin."

I understand this one well. Bravo