New Empire

How can I work when

the pines and

their twin flames

on the river

won't let me go,

at least until

I am a thousand

light wings

circling in the heart

of the unknowable,

and believe me,

Shelley could not have

written a poem

this shattering,


and it will break me before 

it creates me.


And do I have to return

to the trenches

when the doe is moving

like a rippling sculpture,


and she knows what I mean,


and the ordained squirrel,

all fur and ecstasy,

is converting the last

of the fear

I dragged along,


and what use is ambition

under this sky I just found—  

bubbling sky, 

tumbling banquet,

within reach

whenever I'm ready,


too savory for

one lost planet,


but we should still 

dive in, and quickly,

because beyond that, and

beyond that,

is a church


and it's singing.


Can you hear it now

that billions can fit

into one dream,

and this is the empire

God imagined?


Now let it be said,

and said forever,

this is the kingdom

we became.


Patricia Joan Jones


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Although we must separate ourselves physically in this crisis, we can still open our eyes to the beauty that still exists in the world—and each other. We will get though this. Together. 

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Yes, we will.



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Thank you for your supportive

Thank you for your supportive feedback. 

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This is beautiful and

This is beautiful and heartwarming, uplifting, and uniting. Exactly my kind of church.

Amen, Patricia!

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I'm thrilled that you

I'm thrilled that you connected with the message. Thank you so much for your supportive feedback. 

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I already know that when I

I already know that when I read a new poem of yours, my breath will be taken away---the sane as when I see a summer night sky full of stars.  This poem is no exception.  It is full of great phrases---ordained squirrels and a doe like rippling scultpure---and it also contains a brilliantly brief dismissal of Shelley, with which I happen to agree.  As this poem moves gracefully, even choreographacially, to its conclusion, a destiny---the Kingdom---is gently disclosed, like a great beacon of hope becoming visible on a once dark horizon.  When I read your poems, I feel as privileged as when I was first introduced to the poems of Wallace Stevens; and, as with his work, like I am being admitted to an almost mystic pattern that organizes the chaos around me.  I am now even more indebted to postpoems, and to Jason, our publisher:  not only for providing a venue in which I can post my stuff, but also providing me access to the ABSOLUTE AND UNQUESTIONED BRILLIANCE, of your poems.  I shall never tire of calling you IL MIGLIOR FABBRO.


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I'm overwhelmed and inspired

I'm overwhelmed and inspired by that beautifully written expression of appreciation. I'm humbled, and more grateful than you can imagine.