Someone Else's Paradise

8 AM and they show up on time:
Good soldiers of industry.


They glance at his sign and his whole
world stuffed into a backpack and walk faster
like rats caught in his shadow

and their shirts are so sterile you
could use them to wrap wounds the
way they did during the war.


Last night he thought he saw a
crowd of stars like they see in
the suburbs, but it was only
headlights clashing with ice.


And here they are again:

white shirts     black ties
white shirts     black ties


And last night he dreamed
Saint Micheal delivered a sword
and a pizza, and today the pictures
in restaurant windows come alive.


Real food today, perhaps.


And here they are again,
racing against his eyes
till the muddled white light
pours into a puddle of night,
more like a day,
perverse and humming and
sinking in cold.

So far down . . .


And they are back again,
Capitalism's finest,
and the suits and ties
finally stop for him today.

Something strange about their landmark:
hands blue like suburban skies
and eyes that wandered far away.


Patricia Joan Jones

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allets's picture

"a sword and a pizza"?

Some images surprise and bring a smile. "Capitalism's finest" - when an image strikes so close to the reality, there is a spark.

Suited in life and in death rituals--well spoken. 




patriciajj's picture

Thank you for understanding

Thank you for understanding and appreciating my message. I'm honored whenever you stop by. 

Cascade's picture

"Something strange about

"Something strange about their landmark"...

Powerfully poignant! Landmark, so dehumanizing, and so cold, like his life and their death. Though he was the one that died, they are the walk of the living dead. Zombie Apocalypse, it's more of an epidemic than covid19 ever will be. 

Are we becoming machines in suits? No heart, no compassion, no empathy. A narcissistic nation ?

Anyway, I could go on and about this... but I won't.

You stir me up, Patricia.

patriciajj's picture

I can't tell you how much

I can't tell you how much your comment means to me, this being an issue I feel so passionate about because it does highlight humankind's ability to accept, in a so-called enlightened society, this level of human suffering.


Your expressions were so astute, so appreciative and so accurate in pinpointing everything I was trying to convey that I feel deeply touched. Thank you so much for understanding, for opening your heart though it hurts to do so, and for all your refreshing support that means more to me than a thousand poems could express. 

word_man's picture

touching write pat,intense

touching write pat,intense

ron parrish

patriciajj's picture

Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for reading my expression on an issue that is very crucial and must be addressed if we are to call ourselves an enlightened society. I deeply appreciate your supportive comments. 

word_man's picture

you`re welcome and right

you`re welcome and right

ron parrish