Happy Birthday

Guess what!!!
It's your birthday today! 
So I really really want to say Happy Birthday.

With this I captured my heart and as you read, understand this is a part of me.
To the world you're just another girl
But to me, You are the world.
It's quite overwhelming not finding the right words,
The right words to explain how grateful I am to be in your presence.
We were friends by choice,
We're together by fate,
Falling in love with you I had no control over for it was hatreds most beautiful mistake.

Despite the distance we're still together on the same road, 
And I'm loving our story as it unfolds.

Craving for your embrace since its been a while
I know emotions make you cry, I hope these make you smile
Everyday apart from you I suffer in the worst way
So what better day to tell than your birthday
Its your thoughts that keep me going and your smile 
So for your love.. I'd say I'll gladly take a bow.

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