2002 Poetry

Two little hands

So delicate, so innocent

Ten little fingers

Fragile, perceptive, susceptible

Frail grip from an angel

On my hand often slips

Sweet saccharine grin

Ignites tears of bliss

I can still remember

Those months

When you were still within

Feeling your kicks

That send gratifying beats

Caressing you bit by bit

Feeling your heartbeats

Every hour, every minute

And now as we amble down the road

Those hands reaching mine

Frightened by vehicles passing by

I would return your gaze

With those eyes sparkling

Beams of future to behold

Unfathomable and inexplicable

Joy fills my being

You are mine, my darling angel in disguise

I anticipate that when you reach your age

And if I'm still alive

I'd be your guiding light

In rearing your own child

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Follow-up piece for my Darling Beautiful Daughter--Margot

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I think you are really great at writing poems and i would really like for you to look at some of my work and comment Thank you

Oh yeah the reason i read this poem is because i am due to have a little baby girl December 26,2003 my first i am so excited