2002 Poetry

I wonder what’s there to see that can engross me

The altitude that may likely make me giddy

Or the multitude greeneries wedging beautifully

Will my echo get to the sky or will it just pass me by

Once I bellow my wishes and goodbyes

I have longed to be on top of the alp

That summit that seems heaven from where I stand

Maybe tempestuous winds will ram my stance

But can it make me want to come back to the ground

I have longed to see what it looks like

To look down to that spot where I used to look up

My neck turned immobile due to prolong looking up

Maybe looking down wouldn’t hurt just as much

I have longed to see what my eyes can capture to see

Infinity, ecstasy, lunacy, tranquility, they’re there for free

Or maybe just a solemn me looking down on things natural to me

Well let me see; surely there're a lot more in that vicinity

I wonder what the flat looks like from there

Human race turned ants spread everywhere

All in speck and identical, no bigger no better

That even a binocular can’t drive them any closer

I have longed to climbed that beguiling pinnacle

Heaven seems nearby you could almost touch the sky

My spirit will ascend to where heavenly bodies clot  

And there I would stay for as long as I want

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