2002 Poetry

my eyes reel as I stare at people coming in and out

couldn’t focus on filling up the application blanks

it has been several months since I stepped off the stand

and so far no luck has strayed on my doorknob

in murmur I asked myself how many times must I try

and how many more companies must I go to apply

this is the fifth times and all they have to say

to me is “give us your number and we’ll call you”—

oh God! that’s a typical cliché on my part

I stretched for my pocket, there’s enough money to spend

Never minding the passing time, ‘twas already twelve noon

my tummy was whirling, slowly devouring all my internals

I didn’t take any breakfast; I have to be early,

I have to be fast in order for me to seize the job

I hope this time some luck would fly to my lap

So I could be a useful inhabitant to my declining habitat

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