2002 Poetry

A smear, it’s ok!

   it won’t diminish the simplicity

A grimace, it’s ok

   there’s one everyday

A sigh, it’s ok!

   if disgruntled

   you’re allowed to convey

A shriek, it’s ok!

   to be heard, sometimes

   it's through the outburst

A swear, it’s ok!

   favorable than killing your foe

A regret, it’s ok!

   say sorry if the guilt knocks

A tear, it’s ok!

   before you choke yourself up

   then towards the end of the day

A Smile, that’s the least you can give

   to yourself. A solace available everyday

   free and handy, just waiting to be taken.

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Amanda Rodgers's picture

A smile... enough said. It's true what you wrote, they're always available. Smiles can do a world of change. However, sometimes I forget to smile. After all the tribulations in one's life it's kinda hard to remember to smile. But I've made it through one more day. I find a bit of tranquility in your works... keep it up.