2002 Poetry

nothing could be better

than just seat in a corner

ponder the times gone by

or count the drop of rains

falling stridently off the sky

this isn’t new to me

this too isn’t a dejavu

adamant to be glimpsed

a deity must be playing

playing my mind’s eye

the images of the pristine

a xanadu in disguise

swiftly I recall

those treasured moments

how I wish captured

to my taut embrace

the heat of the sunset

that was burning me tan

shrubberies as tall as a gnome

where I toyed hide and sick

those were the days

of utter geek

as I held the pillow

inside my arm, I held it tight

to splash some more semblance

and wishing not to wake up

for those were my past

kept in a luggage

like a location map

humming of birds

dozes me off

waves of salty water

teases me off

i will hug this forever

until such time

something would come up

and bring me back

to where I want

forever sleeping

in the vast space

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Abritelite A's picture

I can't say much about this other than "I loved it" so much feeling and giving me a visualisation of being there, you write well, or should I say "you write how I like to read poetry" :)
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