2002 Poetry

i weigh you heart pounding like hell

i  knew little things about your little bell

you seldom open your mouth to tell

is there something i can do to help?

i love to lighten up the burden you keep

you need to burst out the queerness within

everyday you seem unconscious lying in

i know you know that i know you are very keen

but once you get up you look at me as if i'm mean

who's trying to bean and torture with a spear

your face in rubbish, you hair uncombed

but despite the hindrances your beauty grows

volatile motions that you cannot hide

sometimes you scream and sometimes you're high

your laughter is unremitting that you can almost fly

reaching for the hightest top flexing your thigh

your vacant stare leads me to nowhere

your thoughts are dotted in the heavenly tower

I tried to interpret but you keep on going to lower

what a marvelous kingdom you must have in your head

which I love to visit and see through my intorspect

you count your steps on your way to your haven

you sing your turmoil in a melodramatic den

the notes i can’t follow they’re intensely mellowed

i wish i could sing with you and cross your threshold

poor soul trapped in this nomadic world of fantasies

when only one hair strand of chance keeps your memories

you’re awake but with a slumbering thoughts

you’re conscious yet stock-still in the ocean of tranquility

do you ever see me or notice me when i am around

I’ve mention to you my name maybe a thousand times

But never once did you give to me your name

maybe it is Dolor or Lourdes I don’t know

i sometimes wonder what makes a person to give up

is it due to accident, poor nourishment or what?

but still you're lucky even if you don't often bath

you're free to do anything; the world for you is naught

you are the queen who giggles and whines all throughout

and i am your slave who serves you with extra love

and that love will compensate once you get back

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I really wonder what makes one's sanity go. Life is hard so just take it slow.

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Sandra Davis's picture

i meant spoke not spooke

Sandra Davis's picture

Wow I realy liked your poem. It diffantly spooke to me
Keep writing