2002 Poetry

what do I want them to read

on the slat above my grave

the dates of my  birth and death

cannot fill the huge space

surely there must be something    

strikingly good to read about me

how about my vital statistics?

but that’ll be immaterial by then

how about my hobbies and favorites?

those are too long and eclectic

how about the men I’ve been with?

hahaha their wives might not like it

how about my accomplishments? if any,

did i ever accomplish something

what must i have except for dates

that cannot forever be kept

would they still celebrate all my dates

birthdays, anniversaries and the likes

would they remember to visit me once

in a while after all i was once alive

would they bring me flowers when they do or

by an accident they strayed on my grave while

exploring  a shortcut going to their heading

now i sigh with an empty mind

i couldn’t think of anything

my life is just commencing

why am i thinking of an ending

let my love ones do their thing

in the meantime while I’m still breathing

let me enjoy life and start dong meaningful things

so that those that I would be leaving behind

would have something nice to engrave on my epitaph

i can only request to make it a comical one

with a guest book portion for my friends to sign

for whatever they failed to say

while i am still alive but they forgot

because they were too preoccupied

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Anna Hefele's picture

It's not the beginning nor the end that counts, but the inbetween.
Well penned my dear, fill the inbetween to the fullest, let your cup run over with life and love.

Anna Hefele