2002 Poetry

a stolid warrior battling all the battles

fury unleashes once he pulled the trigger

with clench teeth he would bellow a victor

a triumph of dominance was again captured

a bellicose warrior standing overconfident

fighting a fight that he’s trying to conquer

he takes away life devoid of mercy and plight

blood is a normal sight, a wind to his kite

at night he can’t sleep without his gun on his side

afraid his enemies would come much to his might

guards are scattered so vigilant for a sudden strike

this is just one of his sleepless and reckless nights

the many conquests he had were too overwhelming

the realm he has built somehow dawning on him

his force can no longer perform his former means

yet the denial he has had pushed him to his limit

here you are now plunged to your own blood

you thought you’re as immortal as the God up above

your armor didn’t help you, your shield too thawed

are you ready to face a different kind of battle

beyond sword or any revolver sans any shield

look at you now; you fell into the ground

lifeless, worthless--a slayer gone now

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