2002 Poetry

I dreamed of a castle

Huge and wide

With armored guards

Surrounding it by

In front of it is a paradise

Breath-taking greeneries

Stinging deeply inside

I treaded around

On this carnal occasion

Almost unwilling

To have so many blinking

And then all of a sudden

A call was echoing

A maddening voice

Becoming determined

When I opened my eyes

It was then that I realized

It was already past nine

Time for me to get a kick

Off this annoying certainty

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Patricia Jones's picture

Beautifully-crafted work; loved how you captured the experience of being cruelly wrenched from a glittering dream into stark reality.

Mike G Gaines's picture

you dont know when you had this dream cos i have had it too maybe we meet in it who knows :) keep gping with tha work