2002 Poetry

Who would forget the remnants of their existence?

Their contributions are abound, useful and helpful

Imagine how to get from one place to another

By land or air had wheeled vehicles and flying

Transportations weren’t painstakingly invented

Imagine the darkness that will shroud the earth day or night

Had bulbs and fluorescents weren’t in existence

Imagine how can one know the conditions of their loved ones

In far –off places had not the invention of telecommunications

Imagine how tedious and boring the world would be

Without television, hi-fi and computer to meander us everyday

Imagine the human health and its life-prevention to remise

Had not medicines and operational gadgets were invented

Imagine oh I cannot imagine how my life would have been

Without those inventions so essential to life’s prolongation!

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Louie's picture

Wait 'til I invent something useful to humanity.
Much useful than guns and rose...hehehe.
Love your poems Lola. Pls. make one dedicated
to me ;P