2002 Poetry

The four Aces--Heart, Diamond, Club and Spade

Comparable to human Life, gambling chances of

Love and faith, opulence and serendipity,

Luck and mishaps, death and tranquility

The heart rules the humility where it dictates

Compassion and understanding towards existence

Diamond gives further hues to life, thus it makes

One enjoy life to the fullest never minding consequences

Club, the charmer entices both the negative and the

Positive but mostly the negative

Spade; to you I am so scared as you’re a digger of grave

That makes it impossible for me not to be afraid

Each of these aces has their own traits

Depending on how they are reshuffled

But I always remember there’s my Maker

Who guides my life with staying power

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serene's picture

Hmmnn, I wish I knew how to play cards. Can you teach me Tong-its? Lol.