2002 Poetry

I kneel before you

muttering woes and blues

praying to look upon me

with sympathy and glory

as I see your eyes

it makes me want to cry

for I frequent disregard you

together will all the blessings

that you have bestowed me to

in all those kneeling

in all those uttering

had I said I am sorry

had I said thank you

whenever you bless me

and pompous me greatly

I never look back

to say I am happy

lucky of me to have

foods on my table

some money to spend

and clothes for comfort

Dear God I am not too late

no one is too late

thank you for everything

and Please forgive me

for all of my wrong doings

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We oftentimes forget to appreciate the beauty of life; all we see are the ugliness of God's creation. But none of His Creation is ugly...

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poetvg's picture

good work
on this one

Ernest Bevans's picture

Thank you for this Beautiful Reminder...
I would comment more - but I must go
pray... chaio, bye now!