2002 Poetry

everyday seems so endless

the leaf of time is dawdling

seemingly enjoying to see

my drifting sanity

i cry out for your name

narrated all the known saints

but it seems no one is heeding

little voices springing into my ears

a mumble of optimism raring to go

my mind has ceased to contemplate

in the hollowness during the disquieting

of the night and above the scrounging

silence of the day break

my only company is this misery

do I feel your presence when

i implore for your aid?

i am not halfway through

i am still to toil

seventeen years

of damnation

my indignation

is more than i can bear

you are my silent proof

i weep day and night

hoping one day

you would descend

from your thrown

and tell everyone

i am inculpable

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not all prisoners are guilty. That the Justice can't see that as his eyes are blindfolded with money.

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Fraser Bloose's picture

Good use of alliteration. I got the feeing that you were speaking to a just God who has yet to intervene in modern day human affairs.

Also, thank you for critiquing my poems. " A Crime" was my indignation with the injustice exhibited towardes persons of African descent. It contained many allusions, including a rference to the Dred Scott decision of 1854 which said that "the black man has no rights which whites must respect." "Ali's Prayer" was just a human observation of the hypocrisy in america which we all see. and hopefully wish to change. "Incarceration" was written in response to the many people who have recently beeen released from jail after serving time for crimes they did not forget.

I call my poetry poetic commentary. So far, I have only placed political commentary, but I soon will place poems about love, God, and the blues.

I invite you to read 41 and, my favorite, "A Normal Eulogy" which indicates that we haven't been normal since 9/10/01