2002 Poetry

all that

we were

had done good to me

all that we had

did meaningful things

to me

all that we ever said

were said


all that we knew

was like razor blade

cutting us through

all that we felt

were a lifetime rapture

to treasure

all the days

that passed by

did not just pass by

all the emptiness  

that shrouded my nights

thinking about you

the thought

of our yesterdays

will stay behind

and if in the end

our path may never

cross again

I do so intently pray

Iā€™d be remembered just as

I beautifully remember you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lost Love hope to meet in the next life
written: 01/31/2002

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and who could this be? lost love ba talaga??? well, i dont know if you're yearning for lost love or life, sabi ko na sa iyo i really dont dig poems...

mareng mye

Dig in your yesterday to seek your tomorrow way..
Memories are sculptured in our soul
as words on a stone...
And no future wind shall make memories vanish. Simply... Simply it is deep to bone...
I loved the poem. Cheers.
Ozjan Yeshar