2002 Poetry

Sometimes in our lives

We make decisions that aren’t meant by us

An instance where our future will lie

Our good judgment will falter

Most likely than not

Our former fortitude shall wane

Strife will come upon us

That however prayer we say

No matter how we strive to resolve

All the more they seemed to be never-ending

If you have to make a decision

If you need this decision to put into action

Make no haste, as haste would lead you to more mistakes

Regardless of whatever it takes

Keep remembering there are those

Who stood almost in the same situation

And most probably graver than your situation

But they surpassed them all

If you feel your friends are all gone

During this trying times when you truly need one

You can do it alone, but of course you know

That you’re not alone, and will never be alone

Look up, and you’ll see that you’re not really alone

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Ernest Bevans's picture

...and neither are you!
keep writing - Keep the Faith.

louietot's picture

well thay was a real FAITH!! way to go lola, keep on believing HIM. ::me singing:: YOU NEVER WALK ALONE ... Muaaahhh love ur POEMs ur number 1, fan STAN keep on writing.... :)