2002 Poetry

there are times when I think Love is blind

always seeing your loved one always at his best

a perfect creature flaunting no mess

that would always remain to be endless, I guess

maybe I am gullible to think your that flawless

pals and kin could not break my fondness

for I believe that you are very much perfect

as perfect as anyone could get

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thapoet's picture

Hi. I got your page from a friend when I was reading his poems and I saw your comments. This poem is very good as a lot of us have experienced something of this nature. Nice rhythm. Please feel free to view my page and comment. Thank you.

Michele Colangelo's picture

I too sometimes think that love is blind as well..but the farther you fall into love i think the less blind you are. Thats just my own personal experiences. I loved your thoughts on it and your poem flowed nicely!