2002 Poetry

everyday of my life

I see all the same things

weighty at my desk

pen and papers far and wide

applicants are lining up

hoping to seize a job

visitors keep coming in

trying to obtain their meaning

the piles of work I receive

makes me realize my role in the scenes

the more people I get to know

the better person I will become tomorrow

works don’t seem to be ending

they are constantly coming

but this proves only one thing

I am not just a piece of thing

who just sits, stands and prattles

until the day’s over

each time spend

is a tiring accomplishment

whether in idleness or diligence,

in swift palaver or gossiping,

energy is also seeming

for every laxity and acumen,

tolerance and irritation,

failures and fulfillment,

deadlines and extensions

still energy is seeming

not once I thought of taking a leave

even for a week

just to feel the breeze

or pamper myself with dreamlike being

like a honcho who behest directly

so I could relate

to my boss’s demanding ways  

just for a week, a seven-day break

of taking some time-out

that  I denied myself after I graduated

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serene's picture

Eww work! I'm always up to my neck with work. I guess, I'll be eternally swamped with it, although sometimes, work is therapeutic for me.