Risky Business?

Is this

Risky business

to take a risk

and be rewarded

practically awarded

barely afforded

the chance you took

the risk you took

just take a look

and write a book

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am so afraid to take risks and yet everytime I do I am rewarded ten-fold, so what holds me back? Me,myself, and I and there is no reason why...Don't be afraid to take risks, just go out there and do it and  if it doesn't work out, screw it...ya know? just do it...you won't regret it...if you don't do it you will regret not knowing what might have been...what have you got to lose? what have you got to gain? weigh the odds and just go for it...Pam

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fighter4life's picture

I completely agree with this sometimes it's good to take risks. Great poem, thanks for sharing.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I couldn't open this in html so am commenting here. I agree with you go for the gold,take a risk ,it can be very rewarding. If things flop,try again, if not they are learned lessons