Absolutely Not !

Absolutely not!

just blurted out

absolutely but

might as well shout

I meant every word

but how absurd

to blurt it out so freely

guess cuz I just really

meant it and said it

no need to edit

it brought some laughs

sorry no autographs

just autopilot out of control

sometimes plays a major role

in what a poet dares to share

if they ever care to go there

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just a really weird day at work and I blurted out a response....Absolutely not!...and just how it affected so many people who heard that response that I didn't even think of...it just came out autopilot like most of my poetry...everyone had a laugh, which is fine by me...I enjoy that joy was spread in some capacity...Pam

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Great poem, I like it a lot. Sometimes we need to just blurt stuff out like that.

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And Why Not

ron parrish