No Win Situation

A lotta times I sit and wonder Lord

what's it all for

How many times do I have to be hurt Lord

before You even the score

What did I do to be put here

I musta been really bad

I must be a fallen angel

What did I do to make You mad

whatever it was....I'm sorry

and I promise not to do it again

what's the point of doing anything

when someday it'll all be gone

This world is more bad than good

and there's no such thing as fair

People don't do unto others as they should

Nobody seems to care

It's a no win situation

you know I always lose

when I fall into depression

and give in to the blues

I try to block out all the bad things

Remember only the good

Eternal optimist and dreamer

Live life the way I think I should

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fighter4life's picture

I like this a lot however I think a lot of times when we think that it's not fair that there is so much pain in our lives we have to ask ourselves was it fair that Jesus died to save our sins? I don't want to really preach it's just that it wasn't really fair that he did that for us and i think to often we forget that when we are lost in the pain of our own lives. Just remember God knows what he is doing and that every trial we face is a way to make us stronger. As always if you ever need to talk you can e-mail me. Anyway, sorry this was so long.