Young, Wild, and Free

Now I'm young, wild, and free

what would you give to be

young, wild, and free

Well, I'm young, wild, and free

What would you give to be

Young, wild, and free

Well I may not be rich

in the material sense

I live from check to check

and I don't get much respect

but that don't matter to me

cuz I'm young, wild, and free

that's all I need to be

Nothing has a hold on me

No one can control me

Wild horses couldn't stop me

from bein' free as a bird

oh, how absurd

I got the peter pan sydrome

so I'll never grow old

Get away from me

with those chains

when you turn your back

I'm sure to break free

why bother tryin' to tame me

when you know it just can't be

cuz I' m young, wild, and free

That's what I intend to be

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written ages ago when I was young,wild, and free...meant as rock lyrics.

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fighter4life's picture

This is really good, I especially like the part about the peter pan syndroem.