Perhaps Perchance to Dream?

When you have a chance

to do the dance...

I don't dance, don't ask me

never mind that, don't you see

take the chance


is that a word?

how absurd



in case not

use what you've got

dreams come true

they often do

if you let them

don't regret them

let them happen

anyways too many wasted chances

too many no's to dances

time is almost up


oh well

time will tell

why I am under this spell

and if I recover well

wish me luck that I need

hope to get on track with godspeed

who knows what will be

gotta hope for the best you see

why if you read my poetry

enough said

enough read

thoughts abound


I am bound

for whatever reason

to this season

if you can free me

please answer my plea

Author's Notes/Comments: a loss for words to describe this one...too much playing psychobabble and getting away from poetry...need to get back to it...Pam

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fighter4life's picture

Good poem with a lot of good ideas.