I'm in a daze

in a maze

is it a phase

or a craze

in a haze

is it a phrase

I'm a-mazed

Will consciousness raise

Who knows these days

Feeling lost and confused

Bemused yet amused

no sense of direction

can't find my way out

not sure how I even got in

going round in circles

do I want to go deeper in

or do I want to get out

not sure which way I'm heading

in or out

round about

just lost inside

lots inside

the maze of my mind

need to unwind

I'm dazed and amazed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Huh? Do we really wanna go there? Wrote this at lunch at work today cuz I was bored...I hate long hour lunches with nothing to do, so I did something creative today I hope....Pam

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word_man's picture

sounds like a poetry cafe
from the sixties great job

fighter4life's picture

Excellent poem, extremely interesting.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

Very interesting, I too have worked places with hour lunches and not much to do,so I too have written and sometimes not having my crib notes on something you begin to wonder where to start. Yeah I can relate....