Quest for Answers to Questions

I am on a quest

for questions

that need to be answered

why am I here

what should I do

who am I really

what is my purpose here

where do I go from here

when will I figure it out

before it's too late I hope

to what extent do I carry my search

so many questions with so many different answers

why can't I focus on just one

why do I feel the need to do it all

and not pigeonhole myself into one area

I want to experience so much in life

and life has so much to offer

I get tired thinking about all that I want to do someday

someday that seems to never come

procrastination slows me down

inability to make up my mind too

there's just so much I wanna do

hope someway all my dreams come true

or at least a few

Author's Notes/Comments: 

quest for answers to so many a major undertaking....such is the game of life...let the games begin...hopefully find some answers soon...the sooner the better...

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fighter4life's picture

These are questions we all ask ourselves at one time or another so I thinm mpst of us can definitely relate.