Double Trouble

I never have to go lookin' for trouble

Cuz trouble always finds me

And when I do go lookin' for trouble

I get double trouble...double trouble

I'm always in the wrong place

at the wrong time

I never know what to do

Talk to the wrong people

'bout the wrong things

Can't change what's done when it's too late

When I feel the need to fight

in order to stick up for my rights

I really get into it

There's no getting out of it

I fight full force

down to the bittersweet end

You can't be right

when you're wrong

You can't be weak

when you're strong

Can't fit in

where you don't belong

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some more old lyrics I wrote a long time ago.

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fighter4life's picture

I like this a lot however I've never heard of the Veronica's so I have no clue whether it would work for them or not lol but good poem nonetheless.