Feeling So Alone

I felt so alone yesterday

not sure what I want to say

just feeling lonely is not fun


me, myself, and I

is there a reason why

I am so depressed

so distressed

going through the motions

emotions in check

getting too many notions

I am such a wreck

too sad

is that bad

it is for me

rather be happy

just can't find my way

to find joy today

too sad

feel too bad

rather be glad

makes me mad

I can't get over this feeling

my senses are reeling

in the wrong direction

that needs correction


save me

why do I feel so isolated

need to feel elated

need to be emancipated

any ideas how to get there

please tell me where

to go lift my spirits and feel better

if necessary write me a letter

at least I dare

to share

and hope you care

so there!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just letting strong emotions out...need an outlet immensely lately...

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

after losing two jobs in 12 weeks I can fully relate to this one. Unless one is going through something they can't understand the profoundness of this piece. Fastdial no longer works Im getting DSL Nov 14 so will have a verizon a/c . Temporarily using my ex's a/c but it has timing how long you can be on and i can't send you any of my stuff from PP till I get the verizon a/c so you will have to look at daily list. I do have hotmail but can't send from there at PP. I have em direct to and from hotmail. Will let you know when I get the verizon a/c. Back to good health now if only a decent job were out there...

fighter4life's picture

Excellent poem, I like it a lot, I know exactly how you feel, I feel that way a lot.

Agnes Munk's picture


dear Pam

may your days be brighter
so the fighter
in you, yourself and thee
can finally be free
you can fly
touch the sky
and learn there is one there
one who cares
so stay strong
hold on
and know
you are never alone

Love Agnes
btw... i just came up with that.. you're the first to see it.. especially for YOU!