Try Not to Cry

When I try

not to cry

I wonder why

it gets harder to do

does that happen to you

the harder you try

not to cry

the faster tears flow

is that not so

I wonder why

the harder I try

the harder I cry


Should we try not to cry

or let the tears flow

let emotions go

where they will anyway

every day in every way

let it your life

don't worry about how you deal with strife

truer words were never spoken

consider this a token

present to your presence here

know your thoughts are dear

I want to hear from you

and know what you do

when you try

not to cry

please share your thoughts

ideas can't be bought...

and are desperately sought

whether or not they ought

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I find this to be true that the harder you try not to react emotionally especially when crying is involved the harder it is not to cry or you find this true or false? Please comment...thanks, Pam

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Mom's picture

What a beautiful poem. That is the downside of loving someone or some beautiful animal. You must end up saying good-bye. All the joy you have in the beginning is worth the sorrow of saying good-bye.

fighter4life's picture

This is definitely so true, this happens to me a lot too so I can really relate. Great poem.