I don't care what they say

cuz I know it ain't true

They'll believe what they want anyway

so why try to make it sink through

I'm not wastin' my time

Worryin' what they think

I got better things to do

than wonder if they think it's true

Gossip...some people's favorite past time

Gossip...they just say what's on their mind

Don't care how it effects people's lives

they just gotta stick their nose into other people's business

I wonder what pleasure they get

knowin' something they said

made someone's life a mess

They don't think long enough to check out the facts

they just blurt things out

Gossip...I wonder what makes them tick

Gossip...they really gotta be sick

Spreadin' rumours 'round town

always tryin' to get you down

Gossip...they must lead such boring lives

to cut other people up with their butchering lies

Oh oh gossip...got nothing constructive to say

Oh oh gossip...they love to cause you dismay

Oh oh gossip...they have fun puttin' you on display oh oh gossip....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written ages ago as lyrics for a rock song.

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fighter4life's picture

I totally agree with this I can't stand gossip. Good poem.