Unattainable or Unavailable, does it matter? NOT!

I am so unavailable

and so unattainable

and so unreachable

I put up so many walls

to escape future falls

and yet magnets


to me somehow someway

maybe I will get it someday

but for now try to be aloof

I can be such a goof

but it amazes me still

the power of free will

and where it will lead

and if we heed

then what, time will tell

hope all ends well

enough said

before I dread

sharing my thoughts here

I am so open and near

what kind of vibes do I send out

whatever they are my soul screams and shouts

you go


rock on

dream on

carry on

and on and on...

maybe should regret

being so hard to get

do you get it yet

playing hard to get

and yet truly am

a crazy girl named Pam

leave me alone, I'll be allright

though I may cry in the night

nothing matters and what if it did

I am just a crazy mixed up kid

Author's Notes/Comments: 

spontaneous automatic writng as usual but getting too many IM's from stranger guys for some reason...I wanna know the reason they are attracted to me and  heading my way...what did I say....God only knows...but I don't so...kind of wary to go there anyways...these elusive IM's recently brought this poem on...I am up for grabs on creativity level what inspires me to write and just go with the flow so here goes the flow...comments most welcome...whooo been up like 14 hrs straight at least now...gotta try to catch some sleep if I can....see ya...poetry Pam

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I know how you feel on this one.