narrow minds
allow no true depth
they come off as rigid
and shallow in their faded dealings
it saddens me
when I'm lead to believe
I've made a friend of a particular caliber
but then I learn really no,
not even close
ugly traits of personality
are hard to bury for very long
anyone that gives one something
with conditions
is not a true giver
they only wish to manipulate the
I found that out a few days ago
and then again today
gifts should have no conditions
placed upon them
and when you find out they do
I think that ruins the flavor of
the moment such offering was
I had an odd feeling about this
particular person from the
and strangely enough I feel
better that this person
did indeed show their true
colors allowing me to
hasten their exit from my life
such disingenuous nature
highly suspect for suspicion
and in the end exposed to me
so clearly
validated my gut
another hard lesson learned
always listen to what your
instincts tell you
beware and be aware
the horse is aware of the cart
but the cart can never be
aware of the horse.............
(Sept 1, 2014 929am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A sort of friend of mine wrote me a small poem early on in our knowing each other. I posted it here. He must have googled his name and it came up as I had put his name as the person writing the poem and he demanded i take it down. I'd had prior reservations about him since we had been conversing and I live by the golden rule so I thought before I posted his poem since he gave it to me wrote it to me and said it was for me that if I wrote someone a poem they can do what they want with it. To me it is their poem. He felt differently and was ugly about the whole mess so I removed his poem and wrote this one just now as I thought of the whole ugly situation and this poem came to me. I found him far too narrow minded for my general liking and so I've let him go. I'd not give him something then complain what he did with it. Nor would I do that to anyone else. Friendship like love should not have such steep conditions. Had the poem been superb and or very personal I'd have understood but it was just a basic run of the mill poem. Anyway, this poem is how I worked all that upset out of my system. Enjoy.

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Nice !!! Friendship should be "bare all" with no regrets

Nice !!! Friendship should be "bare all" with no regrets.No "Sorry" No "Thank you" ... Even sitting in the same room doing different things yet enjoying each other's company is friendship. However, many hallowed friends may differ. Since I don't have any halo it's fine with me.Please do not delete this comment Smile ~Bishu~



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I don't delete any comment

good, bad or indifferent I leave them all up for anyone to read...........that way one gets an accurate idea as to how my work is viewed......... and I shouldl be thanking you brother bishu for your time, not the other way around, Sincerely, M.

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With true happiness a brother smiles

With true happiness a brother smiles ~Small man with a big name~BM