first falls fledgling fears
fast from former frames freed
fantasy forges, fluttering flightless
free-for-all fandango
fashioned for favors flaunted
first fractured, flawed, finessed
& fostered
fissures fervently fuse
frankly fuming
flagrant facts featured
fundamentalists faced
fascism  forced
flags fly faceless
forced fanatical future fails
friendless & frail
freedom fighters formulate
flowing furious from fresh friction............
(Aug. 13, 2014 912am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was in an odd sort of writing mood last night and recalled before I had written a poem using all S' words and another one time using all R' words and so I thought okay, I'll see if i can write an all F' word poem minus any curse words of course and this poem came to me......feel free to comment or merely bash...........

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Feathered flying flamingo freezing in Finland




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fabricated flim flam

faulty facade fracked ................feigning facetiousness!