I'm so, so lost
so much so
that I don't believe anyone
can find me
I am a shadow that has no
recognizable face
death without a casket
smoke without a flame
I pick up the mask of woman
and put it on
and try to convince the world
that I am she
but they know better
and see right through my ruse
huddling before you
'Pages Of Death'
scattered in stages
I am emptiness discarded and
pooling upon the floor of my
tattered humanity
whispering among the gurgles

please save me..............
(April 4, 2014 122am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

was feeling very lost and quite unlovable when I wrote this. Blessedly, the misunderstanding I was having with a man I care so very much for straigthened itself out but of that middle ground uncertainty this poem was indeed born.

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i write everything during that middle ground.  i live in that middle ground and its the worst place to be .    This was great, thanks.

palewingedpoetess's picture

Smiles... the middle of the road is always trying to find us.

Just ask the Pretenders in their song 'Middle Of The Road'  thank you so much for your input. Sincerely, M.L.