our golden moment
has been pawned in private
useless conversations now
find our voices merely talking
over each other
true insight and intimacy
hobble away from you
in your overly busy life
as well as away from me too
in my dark depression's endless spin
we tumble our once together truth
sideways now onto its ear
you see me in your memories
but my plaintive cries of today
you cannot seem to hear
'Subtle Expression Of Emptiness Crawling'
we are two long suffering lovers
once falling so beautifully in love
whereas now we appear to be
just all too sadly falling
forgive me in your good riddance
argue with my illogical heart no more
for as singer John Mayer says
in heartbreak warfare

if you want more love
why don't you say so
and so I just have
as I sit back on my heels
pondering if you even heard............
(Dec. 20,2013 931am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some heartbreak and misunderstanding talking a little too shrilly.

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bishu's picture

Loved the expression of thoughts.. suave and elegant

Loved the expression of thoughts.. suave and elegant.I do read your posts which are quite deep and thought provoking.I choose not to write a comment since I am not accomplished enough .Maybe in my next birth....... Human emotions remain the same Respected Melissa Madam whichever spot of the globe it may be.The "heart is truly illogical"..... A truly sad situation "Our golden moment has been pawned in useless private conversations..." Yes Madam Melissa.. many a golden moment passes by with "meaningless talk" Silence may perhaps "yield gold"After esteemed comments by worthy poets I am a microbe.Nonetheless I loved the post which invoked sweet and bitter memories of the past.Thank you Madam Melissa.



palewingedpoetess's picture

Thank you so much dearest, humblest Bishu......

whoever told you you are not accomplished enough needs to be knocked in the head. Who in this world is accomplished enough? I could say the same for myself but I choose not to. You are plenty accomplished enough so never say that to me here in my critiques's site. You don't want to bring my wrath, for I am very good at expressing my displeasure. ( winks) Anyway, feel free to comment in whatever the way you wish to when you read my poems. I'd never mind whatever the way you chose to construct your thoughts. It's what is in the heart that counts. Not the word construct in the mind. Sincerely, M.

patriciajj's picture

Soul-stirring and achingly

Soul-stirring and achingly beautiful. You captured a familiar experience with skill and power.

palewingedpoetess's picture

Thank you so much Patricia.

You honor me with your praise. Sincerely, M.

nightlight1220's picture

Always so uniquely

Always so uniquely "melissa"..♥


I love the phrase "appear to be".... and use it as often as I can in truth and honesty. Because truly, it is. 




...and he asked her, "do you write poetry? Because I feel as if I am the ink that flows from your quill."

"No", she replied, "but I have experienced it. "


palewingedpoetess's picture

Thank you both so very much..............

Is nice to know even in my momentary sadness that the both of you can make me smile a wee smile of gratitude for your kind words.................Sincerest, M.

Morningglory's picture

it was a beautifully

it was a beautifully heartbreaking read, Melissa.

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