To be.........
'A Cynical Romantic'
is that even possible
it is if wounds speak
so eloquently through
the pores of damage done
artists in this instant
hone their tools to the finest
scribbling painful ramblings
out from left of their wobbling
weary centers
cordial crusts cut away from
more tender parts of the self
to be made to appear more
appetizing for digestion
of the masses
I've uncovered just such a particular
he is a chime on a rusty porch
a dirty lantern in the hand of a
fine young lad
perhaps not so young truly himself
but a lad in his ways all the same
he has captured my cerebral
and given flame to my moth thoughts
I suspect I seem a trap to him
when in a literal sense
I am but just a nice well read woman
to share a little time with
so thank you my vibrantly bedazzled Don Quixote
so many windmills yet await you..............
(Sept 19, 2013 927am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for a fairly daring utterly incorrigible poet who believes me to be some destructive seductress.............Well, if I am any of that then I am the more goofy version of all that, a quirky caricature of what is considered alluring and enticing.

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  Sometimes the little girl


Sometimes the little girl in you - needs to come out and play with the little boy in him. This poem has good imagery and wonderful sensory impressions. However, it appears to me that what you smelled, heard, tasted or felt may have been penned in great haste. When one thinks about using imagination, what come to mind are NEW ideas and NEW applications? The vividness of this poem (to me) appears to emerge deep from the past, and is rather vague about the immediate or future potential of this erudite affair. I think this poem should be less about a relationship that has propinquity with you, which places remoteness on its time, and more about what may be conceivable in its capability for enhancing future events. There is also a vacillation here as to whether you are “cynical” or respectful of what you have opened within yourself, and hitherto may have already shared.  Finally, I do not know who considered you a luring and enticing seductress, but I am jealous. Although personally, I am less like Don Quixote, and more like “Dapple,” (name meaning something marked with spots) - the donkey that Sancho Panza rides in that same novel by Cervantes. Yet all in all, I enjoyed your poem. Nice ;-)  


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Well, Don Quixote though did just now speak ...............

In regard to my little poem. So it seems you are not such a dappled donkey as you would think sir................ laughs deliciously.