such an indelicate nuance
this controversy I've come here
to share
as unwanted as it would seem
jolted with jagged scraps
intimidated by envy's own despair
I somehow must separate myself
from my abysmal courage
I recognize shards veiled by
a negative force
old habits tumble forth melancholy
for in my highs as well as the lows
it is there where the cracks appear
all proof of my mortal fallacy
rusty swords stabbing at the fabled near
in such fleshed weary container
even my soul is but a limited player
but easement is not an option clear
a forfeiture of futile thoughts states
to me my best option's task
be the friend
spare the humiliation
don 'The Harmless Mask'..............
(Sept. 16,2013 3am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Had a brief experience of minor jealousy amongst a couple friends. It bothered me. I never let it show to either of them but I knew a poem would crop up from these feelings I had of uneasiness. I always associate jealousy with immaturity and youth as it was common in my teens but to have such an experience in my middle forties it was to say the least unsettling. I know its a natural though negative human emotion but still. I thought I'd conquered that aeons ago.

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Ah ! The Return of J.Lousy Respected Mm PWPoet S

Ah ! The Return of J.Lousy Respected Mm PWPoet S. J Lousy Returns.. what a wondrous & novel idea Mm. Ah ! me , a minion,in the intellectual galaxy.I am oft afflicted by the disease when my good fiend  J.Lousy comes uninvited.Me & my big mouth.



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For all your enthusiasm I commend you...........

sincerely, M.