ever such token
this moment has spoken
murderous intent
madness subsequent
betwixt in shadows'
erased from the past
carnage so horrible
the destruction so vast
precedents so darkly cast 
worry a mole
grown upon the
collective battered soul
harrowing life
cheaper than a peddler's coal
little light is shed
amongst so much
blood foolishly bled
mixed international condemnation
heaped upon a De Facto nation
tyranny rising to such frightening height
full anarchy steadily gaining ground
through every shelled night
a variety of snake heads
argue continuously over a body
that's deadly but already near dead
leaving the people dumbstruck
who to trust
who to fight
who to run from
who to spite
the disease is rampant
every last vessel cauterized
Syria strangling and being
subsequently strangled
by its people, its president
his henchmen and the
so called allies..............
(Sept. 4, 2013 650pm)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Have been contemplating the terrible situation in Syria and feeling so saddened for her people, the innocent ones caught in this terrible crossfire. A powder keg for all Syrian citizens even for those ones who never held a lit match. It just saddens me greatly but I sincerely believe that to everything dark some light God will let come..............

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bishu's picture

True true very true Madam PWpoetess

True true very true Madam PWpoetess.Minions/innocents perish in the war of the worlds.Thanks for putting this up on PP.As long as "godmen" are not blasted off the face of the globe ,God can't intervene.But in our Religion Lord Krishna had said "Jaise karm karoge waisa phal dega bhagwan" meaning = What kind of work you do that kind of result you will get.Let those Demigods who have shattered the lives of innocents be paid back in their own coin.



palewingedpoetess's picture

Dearest wise Bishu..............

your comments here make me think of the old saying, you live by the sword you die by the sword. You so hit the nail on the head with what you wrote. Thanks for the input........ Sincerely, M.