a strange notion
has crawled up and hatched itself
upon my subtle awareness' porch
'A Noticeable Silence'
has hovered
devoid even of any well thought out
written word
just lines writ to one's self apparently
self building exercises
sought in times of mental discourse
perhaps this is what such poignancy
within thee needs
still it is a twisted spectrum
to find one's self being forced
filled with questions
like has the seeker sought to be freed
am not wholly sure
am left with open ended conversations
with no real explanation as to why
emphatically here one moment
gone with very little word the next
or a mere hurried reply
I guess people carry quietly within themselves
their unexplainable strangeness
and I am but an empty mailbox victim of the latest
layer revealed
though I am hardly bitter as I consciously
debate with the minimal information
I have at my disposal
still there is a nagging contemplation
as to what constructs make up the
scaffolding of what a true friendship is.............
(Sept. 1, 2013 333am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've recently lost touch with an otherwise very wordy friend and I've been contemplating the why of that...........

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Your Wordy friend will return to you someday Respected PW Poetes

Your Wordy friend will return to you someday Respected PW Poetess.Particularly interesting in your write..."self-building excercises".... and "twisted spectrum"Respected Madam, open ended conversations are between intellectuals like your "wordy friend" There is no end Madam to argument and counter-argument garnished with logic."True friendship" Alas !! but do keep on your search till the "twisted rainbow" is straightened out.The "seeker" seeks answers knowing fully well that some questions have no answers.



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Thank you so much Bishu..............

You are truly a very wise man......... Sincerest thanks, M........

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Food for thought Respected PWPoetess Madam

I feel so flattered I've painted "I am wise" on my Tee shirt .Food for thought Respected PWPoetess Madam.Me is by nah means wise. Me sails in a rotten ole leaky boat across the marshy bog called "Life" To me the sailing matters ... the end is inevitable.Where does wisdom come in? Yesterday I discovered that my oar was rotted so I had to fetch a new one.I luv my Olive Oyle.Today I wrote a luv poem for her on pbneumraj's comment.