various layers
sought after
are breached
darker masses
more harmless fogs
nary the concept seeker
it's a strange ivy like
that well versed travelers
must acquaint and come to
reacquaint themselves with
careful irregular skill
words reaching up, down
out and into you
with unbelievable force
and clarity
some tone deaf
to operatic beautiful
many poignant
with just a tinge of
startled emotion
attached to their every
war scraped hewn
rough though they may be
their affect can be dull
to utterly dizzying
power with a pin point
saddled by a broadness
to slim the scope
one man's masterpiece
is another man's gibberish
the art of empowering
or merely disemboweling
is poetry from one's deepest
inner wisdom
'Infinitesimal' mind scratching
when it should be
disregarded as
word abuse
vented on the world...........................
(Feb. 10, 2011 611am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

inspired by snippets here and there of some uniquely strange poetry I've read. I must admit this poetry site can be a garden and a forest of ideas and concepts at time but that I believe whether good or bad makes it a worthwhile site to partake in , make use of and enjoy. I say remove the layers and give the world a peak inside.

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