somewhere out there
in the vastness that is
you reside
I can still feel your presence
a chord of attachment
lives on between us
every little thing beautiful
makes me miss you
the laugh of a cute child
the sun on my face
the sudden appearance of a butterfly
from out of nowhere
and how I ache to wish you could
share those moments with me
my life goes on
it looks quite normally wonderful
and yet still
I miss you
I have so many things to be thankful for
but I can't let you go
I suppose as its a two part
plug in
and even if I unplug my end
I still feel connected
as you are still plugged into me
and its amazing how I really feel this
I pray all the time for God to guide me
had I never met you I would have worked
my life out to be content
which is far more than many others have
but even with the lovely trappings
something so important is always missing
in my life
and that is you
you are that unforgettable component
and until you and I are allowed the time
and space together to work this painful
separation out
I have to hang on to two worlds
and walk a parallel path in my life and heart
until one of the two roads ends for me
or a fork is revealed that I can wisely choose
and get beyond this terrible feeling of
I should have at least a chance to explore
this unnameable aching feeling with you
if this is a mistake we are walking toward
it sure has on a good disguise................
(May 7, 2008 821pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I found this in my email drafts while deleting old unnecessary letters and notes to self. I noticed I had put not published yet on Post Poems page and so I checked and for some unknown and quite forgotten reason I had indeed not posted this so here it is now better late than never. Enjoy!

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wishful_thinking's picture

This is really quite

This is really quite beautiful! I enjoyed reading it!

palewingedpoetess's picture

thank you so much

it was cathardic to write it out and help work out all those tangled feelings......sincerely, M.