personal knowledge gained
from the past
reflects forward
to cleanse mistakes
made on another 's behalf
information gained
circumstance charmed
subtlety draws itself
a new dream
whispering softly
tomorrow is ours
today the mere start
minus all the misery of
the combined two's past
clicking into a fringe of
startled recognition
a smile erupts from the barest gleam
turning dark corners in the heart
into an inner brilliance
attracting even the finest hints
of goodness in minimal deeds
with a prophetic finger
building near indescribable beauty
upon the uncertain foundation
of contrast
unfathomable paradoxical edicts
mentored out of the fear loving ego
mistaking itself for the fantastic image
of such a delusionary self
that it holds up to its own idea of
'The Perfected Extreme'
(Dec. 31, 2010 759pm)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written when I was feeling quite deep and the flood gates just flew open to that murky pool deep within and all these words flowed out. 

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Interesting write, very

Interesting write, very pleasing

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Ya know, I've not seen you on this site for umpteen ages. I do hope you are about and a foot. You always posted such great critiques. Sincerely, M.