I learned
just tonight
'Some Disheartening News'
a dear friend
so tenderly strung
confessed a renewed relationship
with a woman before who was
nothing short of resorting to abuse
she lured and manipulated him
and accused
dropped him cold
when she knew he loved her
the most
ignored him for months
when he was at his deepest low
now she has hailed him back
with who knows what sort of
I can't live his life for him
nor stop him from the pain
she's got saved up in store
to send
I can only warn, predict and stand by
to dust off the bloody sore pieces
when shes through
because from what all he told me
about her prior schemes
my gut in turn screams
an actress never alters her part's
general theme
cause it throws her off her
winning rhythm
and at the end of the last curtain
even the most heinous antagonist
gets to stand at the center of the stage
and beam
at the audience so enthralled
from her performance.................
(June 6, 2010 535am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my worry over a good friend taking up with a woman who was terribly cruel to him about 6 months ago and now she is back in his life confessing she loves him and it worries me the path he is setting himself back on but I know I can't live his life but its so hard to stand by knowing he is very likely going to be hurt by this woman again. This must be what a mother feels like when her kids grow up and fall in love and get their heart broken. All I can do is stand by and hope I'm wrong about her but my gut screams she's setting him up again to fall.

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