I, unknowingly sought you out
knowing so very little truly
of what it was I was doing
for me
you appeared
a gentle lingering mist
though at first
your haze was unclear
you swiftly
revealed the purity of
your gift
I was slow to label this breeze
cloaked in a reveler's gale
as then
you were everything I couldn't see
I believed I'd found a
not so terribly common but loving fan
only to find out he was
a highly sought out near extinct
species of man
in esteem, a truly poetic male
a voluptuous plume of beauty
you have so perfectly displayed
a deliciously appealing de ja vu
at my meeting you
even this
I too have conveyed
in glorious gregarious force
you have overtaken my every
doubt and fear
to run them over with choice
and with precision and unending love
you have revered
and transformed
this once aimless woman's voice
with purpose
and yes
best of all
and it will be there
that you will always find me
and wholly unafraid
solely clinging
to you
THE only HE to me
that truly matters
the SILLY BEAR that
ever lights up
the constellations
in my very own heart........
(July 22, 2010 142am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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