do not become
to my tears
for you do not
know how
this very this
is what
I most fear
as in the patchwork of
all my previous years
paths have proved
into an abyss
of near emotional
I have before been flung
I cannot allow
such negligence of spirit
to be repeated
for the most basic
of all reasons
I deserve after such subsequent
promises from you
these last eleven months
almost daily expressed
your deepest respect
fondest thoughts and wishes
and eternal testament of
ever lasting love
and to this level of
spiritual communion
between us
I will accept nothing less
as I refuse to compromise
my hard won self integrity
on such 'Heart Matters'..........................
(June 06,2010 1024am)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own. This is sort of a request that comes out of old fears. This poem awoke me from a sound sleep so I wrote it as such.

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Why did you say all that you did?
Have I changed anywhere
At any point ever since I took
Your most loving hand in mind
And promised to be by your side
Loving you like no one has
Or could ever even dream of doing?
Ask the early morning sun
Or the brightly shining Venus
Before they rise higher and shine
Like two ecstatic angels of God
Thrilled at how deeply loving
Two human beings
Like you and me
Can ever be.
And if you sit and ponder
By a calm seashore, a lake
Or a bubbling brook
With nothing but your heart
As your book of revelations
You will discover
That greater love hath no man had
Or has or will have
For a woman as soulfully beautiful
As you most undeniably
Happen to be...
(Why disclose myself? Don't you recognise your own soul?....smiles and smiles....