the heart stands at a precipice

so full of love and all aglow

you set my world in motion

and slip old dreams into my life

like slip covers on tattered furniture

creating a new aura

you can't know what this means to me

looking upon you is like

seeing  a  rolling valley from heaven

unfurl before me

and looking forward to traipsing through

that valley for all my living long days

before you

I had lived


but since you

I know I will have a life

the shadows that were before

will no longer be

and together we will bask in

'The Long Sunsets Of Grace'

and all the inevitable possibility

if I loved you up till then

for no other reason

then that alone I would surely

come to love you deepest for

the amazing world

you give to me

just from my knowing

you are in my life

and nothing short of death

is going to steal you away

from me

thank you my love

for bedecking me with this

remarkable jewel of certainty

there is no other

only you

such a treasure of treasures

you are

that no woman in her right mind

could ever deny

least of all


(Dec. 5, 2009 752am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written for the man who has captured my enchantment and made it his own.

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Bravo once again

Bravo once again