pertinent to the pitch
of perfect pleasured flesh
we recline
mouths marauding and infused
becoming hungrier and hungrier
the closer we blend into
the others welcomed heat
and grind
bodies flush and snug
hands entwined in
clutched scalp and hair
tongues tracing and retreating
in the wet pulsing cave of
love we meet and grope
as we
tantalize, taste, lave and parry
quickly to dance back to the lips
eager for the dizzying dart and
you are heat, strength and purpose
I am wetness, throb and awe
together we make fire aching dew
I see your eyes, hear your voice,
taste your kiss
and again and again
how so very much and often
I want only you................
(July 16, 2010 528am)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for someone special whom shall remain nameless to protect his modesty!

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Micky Mouse's picture

If you're talking about Afzal Shauq, there's nothing modest about him, it's all a ploy to deceive innocent little girls like you.

palewingedpoetess's picture

not at all.........

I'd never write such a poem for him. He was a poetic friend on line. We were never anything like that. I respected his talent as a poet and he seemed to respect my talent as a poet. Nothing more to it than that. Sincerely M.